How Much Do You Know About April Fools’ Day?

Which of these novels is known as the first recorded association between foolery and April 1st?

1. Beowulf
2. The Cantebury Tales
3. Candide
4. The Great Gatsby

In 2009, Expedia claimed that customers could purchase $99 tickets to...

1. The North Pole
2. Antartica
3. The Sun
4. Mars

On April Fools Day in France, children stick a cutout of what animal on each others' backs?

1. Giraffe
2. Snake
3. Fish
4. Bird

What day is April Fools' Day?

1. April 1
2. April 10
3. October 10
4. February 30

Which of these was an infamous prank played by BBC in 1957?

1. Officially removing February from the calendar
2. Announcing a 10th planet
3. War of the Worlds
4. Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

On April Fools' Day in 1996, Taco Bell claimed they were purchasing which national landmark?

1. The Statue of Liberty
2. Lincoln Memorial
3. The Liberty Bell
4. The Gateway Arch

April Fools' Day is a public holiday.

1. False
2. True

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How Much Do You Know About April Fools' Day?

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