Have You Dined At All These Downtown Cape Eateries?

How many of the Downtown Cape Restaurants have you dined?

Gabriel's Food + Wine
Ground-A-Bout Marquette
Hot Sauce Werks
Hungry Bones
Katy O'Ferrell's Irish Pub & Restaurant
Kenny's Flippin Burgers
Trio Restaurant
True-Que BBQ
Mana Tea
Mary Jane bourbon + smokehouse
Marco's Pizza
Poppa Mojo's
Poppa Mojo's
Pagliai's Pizza
Old Town Ice Cream Co.
Rice Noodle Cai
Red Banner Coffee Roasters
Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant & Lounge
Socials Cafe & Catering
Sand's Pancake House
Speakeyzy Coffee Co.
Spanish Street Farmacy
Minglewood Brewery
Speck Pizza and Street Food
The Corner Store
Sugar Chic Creamery
Top of the Marq
El Sol
El Kolibri Coffee & Curiosities
Ebb & Flow Fermentations
China Wok
Celebrations Restaurant & Bar
Broussard's Cajun Cuisine
Bon Bon's of Cape Girardeau
36 Restaurant & Bar

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Have You Dined At All These Downtown Cape Eateries?

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