Have You Dined At All These Downtown Cape Eateries?

How many of the Downtown Cape Restaurants have you dined?

36 Restaurant & Bar
Bella Italia
Bon Bon's of Cape Girardeau
Broussard's Cajun Cuisine
Celebrations Restaurant & Bar
China Wok
Ebb & Flow Fermentations
El Sol
Gabriel's Food + Wine
Ground-A-Bout Marquette
Hamburger Express
Katy O'Ferrell's Irish Pub & Restaurant
Mana Tea
Marco's Pizza
Mary Jane bourbon + smokehouse
Minglewood Brewery
Old Town Ice Cream Co.
Pagliai's Pizza
Poppa Mojo's
Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant & Lounge
Red Banner Coffee Roasters
Rice Noodle Cai
Sand's Pancake House
Socials Cafe & Catering
Spanish Street Farmacy
Speakeasy Coffee Co.
Sugar Chic Creamery
The Corner Store
Top of the Marq
Trio Restaurant
True-Que BBQ

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Have You Dined At All These Downtown Cape Eateries?

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